Finally a podcast for wrenchers, by wrenchers. From the suburbs of Chicago comes a car show with radio simulcast for both the amateur and the semi-professional mechanic. This is for gearheads of all stripes.

This is not just another showroom floor talk show about cars. If you want to understand real wrenching you need to spend some quality time in Joliet, Illinois, a city of mechanics who bleed high-octane fuel. It’s a mechanical free for all – beaters, cruisers, American muscle, trucks, bikes and everything else with a motor. And you won’t find anyone more Joliet than Joe Zolper, owner of Prison City Customs.

Joe, a lifelong mechanic, doesn’t just talk the gearhead talk — he lives and breathes it. A Mopar maestro, he’s personally fixed, fab’ed and customized more cars than you’ve ever ridden in. Give him a topic and he’ll give you an hour of entertaining, colorful, useful, occasionally not-safe-for-work ranting that will leave you tuning in for more.

In the Garage is like listening to mechanics divulge their top secret tips, funniest horror stories, and sound advice for the lay mechanic. With his co-host (Cristy Lee?), Joe takes your questions, interviews leading mechanics/designers on a variety of topics, and helps the audience understand trends and news in the specialty automotive equipment market.

Coming straight from the studio in back of Joe’s working garage in Joliet, we’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at automotive mastery, mixed in with some off-color Joliet humor. It’s an hour no self-respecting gearhead will ever want to miss.