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Building the Kraken!!

Was going to buy a motorhome but decided to build one. 41 feet long all black and chrome kenworth w900l. 8″ ride height sittin low! It will suck to drive! I can’t wait to drive it! We shall call it the Kraken! July 29, 2017 Just getting started!! September 15, 2017 What a long week!! But the KRAKEN IS PAINTED!!! And lots of chicken lights!!! October 26, 2017 The KRAKEN has a roof!!! Thank you Bob and the Boltz neighbors for all the help today. January 15, 2018 Got some more work done on the Kraken today! Aka the...

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The Awesome Joy Of Being A Gearhead

Ask any gearhead, and they’ll likely tell you that there’s something innately fascinating about cars. Gazing upon various models with a mix of admiration and subtle judgment, learning about individual parts and how they function, and of course, getting under the hoods of their own cars and going work all form the backbone of this wholly unique way of life. It’s captivating, and if you’re not already immersed in the culture, it can also be somewhat difficult explain. But explain we will–today, we’re going to delve into the unbridled passion of being a gearhead and why it’s so much...

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