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In The Garage on YouTube

What’s Up Guys! Just wanted to extend a quick invite to check out my new YouTube channel. When I started swinging wrenches back when I was skinny little bastard pulling down $7.50 an hour, I thought I knew a thing or two about cars, being a mechanic and making my way in this industry. Needless to say, at 17 – I really didn’t know jack sh*t. Fast-forward to today and I’ve been around the block more than a few times. So, I set up this channel to share some of my stories, talk about the things I’ve learned and...

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Zolper University

Hey Guys! Been getting a lot of questions lately about learning how to swing the wrenches when you’re first starting out. College vs trade school, vs working nights (sometimes for free), bare knuckled in a freezing-ass garage. Well, I’ll let you know my thoughts in this week’s video. I bet a case of cold ones with a buddy that we could build this channel up to over 1,000 people before spring hits.  So, if you like the video, poke that subscribe button and I’ll sure as hell toast a frosty one to ya. Tell a friend...

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A Show for You Gearheads

Finally a show for wrenchers, by wrenchers. From the suburbs of Chicago comes a car show for both the amateur and the semi-professional mechanic. This is for gearheads of all stripes. Joe, a lifelong mechanic, doesn’t just talk the gearhead talk – he lives and breathes it. A Mopar maestro, he’s personally fixed, fab’ed and customized more cars than you’ve ever ridden in. Give him a topic and he’ll give you an hour of entertaining, colorful, useful, occasionally not-safe-for-work ranting that will leave you tuning in for more. In the Garage is like listening to mechanics divulge their top...

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